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Helping to build deep technology companies from scratch


Europe’s leading pre-seed investment programme

Encore is a cornerstone investor in EF’s £8.5m fund.


EF was founded in 2011 to support technically talented graduates to build world-class start-ups in London. It is the only investment programme in the world to accept candidates pre-team and pre-idea with individuals selected purely on the basis of their technical ability or domain expertise. Many entrepreneurs in EF’s programme are pre-selected while still at university – in fact one in three computer scientists from Cambridge University now apply to join EF!


Encore's investment will help them scale its proven pre-team, pre-idea model and allow it to continue investing in the best talent in Europe and beyond.

EF run intensive full time six month programmes providing successful applicants £17K in pre-seed funding, office space, legal and administrative support, as well as mentoring and advice from the EF team and some of the UK’s top entrepreneurs, so that each cohort has the best possible environment to meet potential co-founders and launch their startups.


The programme has so far helped 160 people to build 37 companies, raising over $40m of new capital at a valuation in excess of $150m. Success stories include AdBrain (recently raised $9 million), Pi-Top, Permutive, Tractable, Blaze, Code Kingdoms and Magic Pony Technology to name but a few.

Current portfolio:

Exited portfolio:

Investments made and supported by Encore partners whilst at previous firms:

“Encore continues to add real value to our business. They contribute both strategically and operationally and provide a wealth of support to our management team. “



Ian Mahoney

Chairman – Third Space

“Encore has been a fantastic partner over the past five years and helped professionalise our business among other improvements. They have always been approachable and straightforward without being overly casual. I describe them as professional with a human touch.”


Keith Churchill

Managing Director – Forward Valeting


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