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Hive offers FMCG brands an integrated platform to discover who their consumers are, and influence them to drive sales growth - at a cost that makes sense.


Building direct relationships with your consumers

In May 2016 Encore invested £2.5million into Hive Online, a Leicester based technology business that creates smart packaging for major CPG brands to help them build direct relationships with their consumers.


The business was founded in 2005 and is a trusted partner to major brands such as Pepsico, Heineken, Arla Foods and Unilever, printing unique and secure codes on their products that drives sales growth, in some cases by over 50 per cent year-on-year.

Hive currently prints in excess of 6 billion codes per annum on packaging items. The Hive code transforms dumb packaging into smart, interactive packaging with its own identity and lifecycle - from being printed in the factory through to distribution, purchase, and finally, consumer engagement. 

This helps brands learn more about their consumers and develop direct relationships with them, while providing a clear link between promotional activity and sales.


Our investment will allow Hive to transform its business by enabling a subscription model with the ultimate ambition of giving every CPG pack a unique identity to help brands build a direct relationship with their consumers, driving engagement and growth.

Current Portfolio


“Encore continues to add real value to our business. They contribute both strategically and operationally and provide a wealth of support to our management team. “



Ian Mahoney

Chairman – Third Space

“Encore has been a fantastic partner over the past five years and helped professionalise our business among other improvements. They have always been approachable and straightforward without being overly casual. I describe them as professional with a human touch.”


Keith Churchill

Managing Director – Forward Valeting


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