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Tech Minnow That Helped Power Britain’s Covid Vaccination Campaigns Raises $38 Million

We are delighted to be part of the continued success of accuRx, a mission driven company that has enabled GPs and primary care providers to continue with their valuable work during the pandemic and is on a journey to transform patient communication for healthcare systems around the world.

accuRx is used by over 98% of GP practices and delivered a vaccine booking solution, which has been used to administer over 21 million COVID-19 vaccinations to date

Encore participated in the funding round alongside Lakestar, British Patient Capital, Latitude VS (sister fund to LocalGlobe), Atomico and Trusted Insight.


accuRx, one of Europe’s fastest-growing healthcare platforms, today announced a $38m Series B funding round to transform communication across healthcare systems worldwide giving a significant vote of confidence in its potential to power patient-centered communication. The newly raised funds will facilitate the growth of the accuRx team, enhancing its offering to GP practices and building products that will enable expansion into secondary care.

Communications among those involved in a patient’s care is often fragmented and felt by patients in almost every health system across the globe. Addressing an $8.3tn+ global healthcare industry, accuRx offers the first collaborative communications platform that brings patients and their healthcare teams together, a crucial step in integrating care.

accuRx’s software is currently used by 98% of GP practices in England and a growing number of hospitals and community trusts to communicate with their patients and one another. Throughout the pandemic, accuRx played a significant role in supporting frontline healthcare staff, receiving a world-class user satisfaction score of 88%. accuRx introduced a video interface which facilitated remote consultations and surveys to allow remote monitoring of patients with COVID-19 symptoms. Additional features include asynchronous messaging and two million patients are now contacted via accuRx weekly. Most significantly, accuRx built a vaccine booking system in just 4 weeks that has now been used to manage over 21 million COVID-19 vaccinations – over a quarter of all vaccines delivered in England.

accuRx, which was founded at Entrepreneur First, is now focused on building products that will deliver more value to its GP users, and delivering software that will better connect them with the rest of the healthcare system. It’s developing system-wide infrastructure that allows for NHS communication outside of GP systems such as accuRx Web, which currently has 11,000 weekly active users in non-GP settings including hospitals, pharmacies and care homes.

The latest funding will accelerate the company’s progress towards becoming the unifying communications platform that brings patients and their healthcare teams together.

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