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Not just leaders in our field...but created one of our own

The world authority on the ACFM®, StressProbe, ACPD and ACSM NDT inspection techniques.

Established in 1984, Technical Software Consultants Limited ("TSC") is a manufacturer of inspection systems for crack detection and stress measurement. TSC exports its products to over 40 countries.


TSC's crack detection products are based on its proprietary electromagnetic ACFM® technology. ACFM technology provides superior results compared to traditional inspection techniques and is particularly effective in subsea applications.


TSC's StressProbe product range measures loads and maps stresses on metallic structures, such as oil platforms and mooring chains. TSC's products are used by many leading companies in the oil & gas sector - they also have applications in many other sectors including engineering, rail, nuclear, mining and drilling



Current Portfolio


"I have been truly impressed with the professionalism of the Encore team and can clearly see how they have earned a reputation for being one of the best Private Equity houses in the industry.”


Alan Wilson

Chairman - TSC

“Partnering with Encore will ensure that we are well placed to maximise the wealth of opportunity which exists in the market. The investment will ensure that the high levels of innovation, product development and customer service TSC provides is maintained as volume increases and that future growth is managed in a controlled manner. It’s a very exciting time for us.”


David Topp

Founder – TSC Inspection Services


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